X Rarible Protocol - from is the best that happened to many people. Bringing Rarible protocol into the system could change many lives for better.
Jacob is one of the most hardworking people I have met online with the most amazing approach to his vision.
Totally in favor!

I’m submitting the completion of milestone 1 for SSW X Rari proposal. We have completed designs, architecture, and secured a developer to help build out the project. Thanks Rarible Dao!

I would like to propose a revision of Milestone 3: Swapping.

In the original scope of this frontend I hadn’t planned on including secondary sales or accounts because it was intended as a starter template for marketplace. However, it seems much more useful to focus on building out storefronts for collections. Also, swapping is less relevant than I had originally thought because of the ability of the order book to handle sales and indexing for any token.

I suggest using the funding for Milestone 3 to build out accounts with Ceramic and to add UI/UX for secondary sales. Thanks!


sounds great to me! a better use of time

Yo Jacob! This is a slight tangent from this thread, but don’t know your other contact info atm:

As part of our efforts to understand the best things to build, I’m interested in starting conversations with the most serious projects building on the protocol (besides, since we already talk to them) – so Mintgate, CocoNFT, Crowd, Screensaver (who am I missing?). Main ideas I want to get from them:

  1. Why did they choose Rarible in the first place? What was the most important feature for them?
  2. What are their current biggest problems / needs from the protocol?

Would you be down to chat with me or do a quick survery on those topics at some point?

Hi all,

We have completed milestone 2 except for some issues involving the Rarible Protocol itself. To speed things up I’m proposing payout of Milestone 2 so we can move on to Milestone 3 while protocol issues are resolved. Thanks!